School re-opens on Monday 19th April
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Bilton Infant School‘Be the best we can be’

Welcome toBilton Infant School‘Be the best we can be’


Living our values, learning for life, preparing our futures

What do we want our curriculum to achieve?

  • Deliver the vision and values of the school
  • Enable our children to learn how to participate effectively in our society through a set of core values: 


Honesty, Care, Perseverance, Responsibility, Co-operation and Respect 


  • As the curriculum progresses, enable children to know and do more than they did before
  • Provide opportunities to make connections 
  • Place a strong emphasis on language and physical development 
  • Enable children to explore their interests, talents and achieve their full potential within and beyond the classroom
  • Be inclusive and overcome barriers, so all children can 'be the best they can be'. 

How do we fulfil this?

  • Enable children to experience a broad and balanced curriculum using The Curriculum Guidance for Early Years and Foundation Stage and the new 2014 National Curriculum as a starting point
  • Place a strong emphasis on values
  • Use high quality texts, with significant authors, as a key starting point for much of the learning
  • Use a cohesive whole-school approach, where sequences of literary work are provided that sit under themes, mapped throughout the school
  • Enable connections to be made between some curriculum areas whilst leaving some curriculum areas to be taught discretely
  • Build on and build from previous knowledge with the understanding of where we want our children to get to by the time they leave us
  • Class teachers are responsible for teaching our curriculum with specialist P.E. coaches alongside our teachers in P.E; we utilize specialist staff to deliver KS1 Music
  • Take account of the growing body of knowledge which deepens our understanding of how children learn
  • Learning is being developed so it is sequenced into small steps, clearly modelled and scaffolded; questioning is used to check for understanding; content is reviewed to build fluency and confidence; and opportunities for regular practice are provided so children know and remember more

If you have any questions after reviewing our curriculum, please contact the school directly.