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Bilton Infant School‘Be the best we can be’

Welcome toBilton Infant School‘Be the best we can be’


What do we want our curriculum to achieve?

  • motivated children who learn fundamental movement skills (Agility, Balance, Co-ordination)
  • healthy competition
  • co-operative learning
  • positive relationship with physical activity for life

How do we fulfil this?

We use Real PE which is a scheme of work that gives EVERY child the physical literacy, emotional and thinking skills to achieve in PE, Sport and life.  Our P.E. curriculum is fully aligned to the National Curriculum.


Real P.E

This is a child-centred approach which transforms how we teach P.E. to engage and challenge EVERY child.  It gives EVERY child the physical literacy, emotional and thinking skills to achieve in P.E, sport and life.


Each lesson is highly active and consists of:



  • Warm up game or activity.
  • Teaching of a new skill or practising a skill learnt the previous week through use of clearly modelled video, catchy song and activities linked to an active story.
  • Applying the skill using real life problems or PE equipment.
  • Reviewing our learning
  • Cool down / calming activity


Each unit last for 3 weeks and develops a specific fundamental movement skill during that time. 


Real Gym

Real Gym is a whole school approach to gymnastics, which is stage appropriate and progressive.  It enables EVERY child to stretch themselves, making gym relevant, meaningful and challenging for EVERY child.


All staff receive Real PE training and mentoring either by the Create team or P.E. lead.

At the end of each unit, children are assessed against the Real PE FUNs framework of fundamental movement skills.


The expected standard for the end of Key Stage 1 is having achieved all the Yellow and Green skills in all 12 FUNs units (these include static balance, dynamic balance, counter balance, co-ordination and agility).


Children who demonstrate they are working beyond this in KS1 will have also mastered the red skills in all 12 FUNs units.

Physical Development and Sport Specific Learning – Applying our skills

All Key Stage 1 children have a sport specific lesson, linked to the fundamental movement skills per week.  These include Gymnastics, Dance, Games and Athletics.  These are mapped out for Key Stage 1 with expected outcomes for the end of each unit.


All EYFS children use their outdoor environment daily to develop their physical skills, alongside Real Foundations – a cross curricular resource for EYFS to help them apply their Real PE skills in their classroom and outdoor environments.  Physical development in EYFS is assessed termly through the development matters bands and as an ELG at the end of the stage.  Children will either be emerging with their physical development, expected or exceeded.

P.E. sessions

PE vocabulary



School P.E. kit


Pupils wear a P.E. uniform on their P.E days.  This consists of a purple t-shirt with a school logo on the front, along with black shorts, leggings or joggers.  A pair of trainers should be worn on these days.  A pair of black plimsolls should come in on P.E. days in a small bag for when indoor footwear is suitable. A school sweatshirt or cardigan should be worn on these days too.


Indoor footwear consists of plimsolls, outdoor sessions include trainers and  leggings of jogging bottoms.



Real PE at home

We offer Real PE at home to help children to continue to develop a broad range of skills, such as communication, problem solving, resilience, creativity and, of course their Fundamental Movement Skills. It provides families with fun challenges, ideas, games and activities to ensure they stay active in and outside the home. Activities can be carried out individually or in a pair with an adult or sibling.

Sports clubs and competitions

We also have a number of sports club for both EYFS and KS1, running at before school, lunch time and after school.


Over the course of the year these may include:

  • multi-sports
  • dancing
  • football
  • infant agility sports competition