School is closed for the summer. Staff return for training on 2.9.21. School reopens to Year 1 and 2 pupils on 6.9.21
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Bilton Infant School‘Be the best we can be’

Welcome toBilton Infant School‘Be the best we can be’


What do we want our curriculum to achieve?

  • Religious traditions in Great Britain are in the main Christian, and take account of the teaching and practices of the other principal religions represented in the country
  • Help children develop understanding and empathy
  • Respect the right of people to hold and practise beliefs different from their own
  • Develop the children’s skills, concepts and attitudes identified in the Agreed Warwickshire Syllabus.

How do we fulfil this?

Warwickshire R.E. syllabus

  • In RE lessons we seek to promote reflection, empathy, comprehension, investigation, interpretation and analysis
  • Foster attitudes such as curiosity, open-mindedness, self-understanding, respect, wonder and appreciation, as these are fundamental to a fair minded study of religions and the spiritual dimensions of human life.